New to Canada? Here are the Cuisines you might want to try


  1. Canadian Cuisine: Canadian cuisine incorporates elements from various regions across the country. It includes dishes such as poutine (fries topped with cheese curds and gravy), butter tarts, Nanaimo bars, tourtière (meat pie), and bannock (a type of bread). Canadian cuisine also emphasizes the use of local ingredients like seafood (salmon, lobster, etc.), game meats, and maple syrup.


  1. Italian Cuisine: Italian cuisine is very popular in Canada, with numerous Italian restaurants and pizzerias found throughout the country. Pasta dishes, pizzas, risottos, antipasti, and various Italian desserts like tiramisu and cannoli are commonly enjoyed.


  1. Chinese Cuisine: Chinese cuisine, including Cantonese, Szechuan, and Shanghai styles, is widely available in Canada. Dim sum, stir-fried dishes, noodles, and a variety of regional specialties can be found in many Chinese restaurants.


  1. Indian Cuisine: Indian cuisine is popular and diverse in Canada, with a range of dishes from different regions of India available. Curries, biryanis, tandoori dishes, naan bread, and various vegetarian options like samosas and pakoras are commonly enjoyed.


  1. Japanese Cuisine: Japanese cuisine, particularly sushi and sashimi, is widely enjoyed in Canada. Japanese restaurants offer a range of dishes like ramen, udon, tempura, teriyaki, and donburi bowls.


  1. Middle Eastern Cuisine: Middle Eastern cuisine, including Lebanese, Turkish, and Persian influences, is popular in Canada. Dishes such as shawarma, falafel, hummus, kebabs, tabbouleh, and baklava can be found in many Middle Eastern restaurants.
  2. Mexican Cuisine: Mexican cuisine, with its vibrant flavors and spices, is enjoyed by many Canadians. Tacos, burritos, enchiladas, guacamole, salsa, and Mexican street food are popular choices.


  1. Greek Cuisine: Greek cuisine, with its Mediterranean flavors, is well-represented in Canada. Greek restaurants serve dishes like souvlaki, moussaka, spanakopita, tzatziki, and baklava.
  2. Korean Cuisine: Korean cuisine has gained popularity in Canada, with Korean barbecue, bibimbap, kimchi, and Korean fried chicken being widely enjoyed.

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