Roots and Peppers was birthed from a long love history with West African cuisine and was founded as a food business with a core focus to produce and craft delicious and healthy meals which will cater to the specific culinary needs of our customers.

One unique quality we possess is an underlying love for good food and a passion for preparing and delivering homemade delicacies under standard conditions.

To us it’s not just food, it’s a pleasant food experience. Presently located in the heart of Calgary in Alberta, Canada, we are set up to produce a range of meals that are made specially to satisfy our client’s culinary needs and requirements.

Our products and services include food packs, food bowls, food gift boxes, standard meals, meal orders on special request, event catering, and consultancy.

Why you should order from us.

  • We provide high-quality food and service which enables us to attract and retain customers.
  • We create a memorable dining experience. This goes beyond simply providing good food and service.
  • We create a welcoming atmosphere, offering unique dishes, and providing excellent customer service.